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Instagram Verification Service

Get Verified on Instagram

TheNextGram is the #1 media plug for social media verification. We provide full-service Instagram PR services with very fast completion times. Do the free eligibility check to see if your profile can get verified.

How it works

How To Get Verified on Instagram In 2022

Get verified using our 3-step process

Step one to get verified on Instagram
1. Get online press
To qualify for verification, you'll need online press. Instagram only verifies accounts of prominent influencers and brands. In short: You need to be well known!
Step one to get verified on Instagram
2. Submission to Instagram
Only Facebook Media Partners can submit verification requests directly to Instagram. TheNextGram works with many media partners such as record labels who have access to this feature.
3. Await the result
Once the media partner has submitted the verification request, Instagram will respond within a few days (sometimes even in less than a day!). If they approve the request, your blue tick will be visible on your profile directly.

Choosing Your Package

Which package is right for you?

We have already successfully verified hundreds of Instagram profiles. We can submit you for verification and create more online press if you don't have enough yet. We offer two packages.

Submission Only

Our most affordable option is for influencers or brands that already have enough online visibility and press, and are looking for a media company to submit the verification request directly to Instagram.

Press Package

A full-service package that will get you online press articles as well as a direct verification submission to Instagram.

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How it works


All displayed prices are in USD.

Submission Only


If you already have press

For any profile
Verification submission directly to Instagram
Expert consulting for highest success rate
2-4 Days Turnaround Time
24/7 Support
Press Package


If you need more press

For any profile
Interview article
2 Press articles
Case study for Instagram
Verification submission directly to Instagram
Free Resubmission
Submission directly to Instagram
Expert consulting for highest success rate
4-8 Days Turnaround Time
24/7 Support
Verification Service
We offer the best Instagram verification services. We can help anyone, even if you don't have enough online press. We have the highest success rate and have verified hundreds of users so far.
Free Resubmission
While we do everything we can to get you verified on your first submission, if your verification submission gets rejected, and you ordered the Press package, we can resubmit you for free after 14 to 30 days.
Best Publicists
We work with the best online publicists to help write interview and profile articles about you. Getting more online press is absolutely required to get approved for Instagram verification.
Frequently Asked Questions
Can't I just request verification via the app?
You can, but 97% of these requests are denied by Instagram automatically. We have access to a media partner panel (used by major record labels, tv channels and media agencies) which lets us talk directly to Instagram and Facebook, and allows us to explain why you should get verified and has the highest possible success rate.
What happens after I buy a package?
If you've chosen the press package, we will send you a quick questionnaire to steer our publicists in the right direction. If you've chosen the submission package, we will submit your profile within 24 business hours.
Is there any sort of guarantee?
While it is our #1 priority to get you verified, we cannot guarantee it as the decision is ultimately up to Instagram. However, we can guarantee that our method has the highest success rate due to the increase of your online visibility and press, and the submission through a media partner panel. Don't believe anyone that claims to guarantee you Instagram verification.
Will you rewrite my press articles if I don't like it?
We try our best to get it right the first time, but you’re entitled to unlimited revisions on your press release, depending on your package.

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Our process

We have successfully completed hundreds of verifications

Get online press

We will write and publish press articles

Submission to Instagram

We use our contacts at Instagram

Await the result

Get the result after a few days